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Help Your Dog Heal From a Swollen Ankle

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Our furry, four-legged friends are so active. They are always running and jumping. Their excitement and energy provide lasting joy. Unfortunately, sometimes they sustain an injury and this can be painful for both the dog and the owner. When a dog suffers from a swollen ankle, it is important to understand what that means and how to treat it. Here are some tips to consider if you find your puppy in this position.

Understanding Common Injuries

First off, let’s cover what is actually involved when a dog has a swollen ankle. It might be tempting to search “dog swollen ankle.” if you do, you may find that it most likely is caused by a strain or sprain. What is the difference? A strain is caused by injured tendons. Tendons connect muscles and bones. Strains can happen when the dog performs an exaggerated stretch and pushes it too far or does it too often. This kind of s


Finally, an Elbow Tendonitis Brace You and Your Dog Can Use

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Aches and strains and sore muscles are a part of life…but who says that means you have to suffer with them? It may just be a little twinge or a constant throb, but there’s no reason you should have to accept any level of discomfort. If something hurts, make it feel better! With a good brace, you can get the relief you deserve to enjoy better mobility and less achiness. It’s possible to get any kind of specialized brace, from an elbow tendonitis brace to a dog wrist brace to everything else you can think of.

Get an Elbow Tendonitis Brace and More

You’re not the only one who experiences aches and arthritis. Like humans, animals can also experience arthritis. They suffer from stiff joints and lots of problems that humans experience. If you’ve ever had an achy joint, you know exactly how uncomfortable this can be. Your pet doesn’t have to suffer from this kind of joint strain, either. You can always get an elbow tendonitis brace that both you and your dog can wear!



What You Should Know About Getting A Dog

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If you have a new puppy, you are not alone. After all, owning a dog is hugely popular all throughout the United States, with more than 78 million dogs owned in the entirety of the country. This means that more than 40% of all households – up to 44% of all households, as a matter of fact – now own dogs. In some cases, even more than one dog will be owned. For a great many people, owning a dog brings a great deal of joy to their lives. For many, the family dog is just as much of a cherished part of the family as anyone else.

But when you get a dog, especially a puppy, there are many things to be taken into consideration. Puppies in particularly will be high needs, much in the same way that human babies are. For one thing, they will need to be given a decent amount of time to sleep – even more so than newborn babies. As a matter of fact, newborn humans only sleep around 16 hours out of the day, where new puppies can sleep for up to 25 (and typically no less than 20). Making sure that