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Understanding Equine Infectious Anemia and How it Affects Your Horse

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Veterinary clinical diagnostics

Equine infectious anemia (EIA) is a common disease that affects horses and other Equidae population. It is a virus infection that may be transmitted by blood-feeding insects between horses in the same area. EIA can manifest itself as an acute, subacute, or chronic infection and although blood is the primary channel for infection, other body fluids can also infectious. A horse infected with EIA may exhibit symptoms such as anemia, leukopenia, fever, fatigue, sweating, decreased appetite among others. However, since EIA is difficult to ascertain, the symptoms may vary from horse to horse.

The equine infectious anemia virus antibody test is used to diagnose the presence of RNA virus in a horse. Occasionally, this virus can be a major cause of morbidity and fatality. A horse found to have thi


Keep Your Pets Happy And Healthy Every Month With Preventative Care

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Equine infectious anemia virus

Do you own a cat or a dog? Maybe you grew up with both cats and dogs, and now you are looking forward to the day that you can get your first pet on your own. Either way, pets are an important part of many families in the United States. From picking out your first pet, to caring for your first pet, to making sure your pet is happy and healthy, the process is a journey. There are plenty of learning lessons along the way, but there are some things you should do from the start to make sure you do not jeopardize your pet?s health under your care. You need to make sure your pet?s vaccinations are up-to-date at all times, your pet is eating healthy and receives preventative care to stay ahead of any clinical diagnostics laboratory tests that could be necessary.

Whether or not you have ever d


Keeping Our Furry Friends Healthy

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Canine heartworm antigen

Being that up to 164 million people in America own a dog or a cat, I’d say it’s safe to say there are many animal lovers that want to look after their animals and keep them safe. Let’s delve right in to a very common infection that can be contracted by your pet.

Heartworm Although the infection is commonly known as canine heartworm or dog heartworm, it can also infect cats and other types of animals. Although dogs can have more than 30 worms while cats tend to have less than six, how severe heartworm disease is in dogs depends on how many worms it has and just one or two can make a cat very sick.

  1. How does it spread? The mediator for this disease is the mosquito. The mosquito will bite a dog that is already infected and ingest a larvae whic