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24-Hour Pet Health What You Need To Know

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At one time or another, many of us have had to visit a hospital Emergency Room. Medical situations that need immediate attention have often placed us in the ER, for lack of any other options. And sometimes, it is our beloved pets who need an emergency vet. Thankfully, now there are also 24 hour animal hospitals. Here are some benefits to using 24 hour animal hospitals.

You can never tell when an incident will happen, and when your pet needs immediate attention it will be great to be able to visit an animal medical center. A veterinary emergency is always terrible, and there is never a convenient time for it to happen. A major advantage to visiting 24 hour animal hospitals is the convenient hours that they are open. A significant number of household in the U.S., for example, have cats: 38,900,000. With this number of cats alone, th


4 Tips That Will Ensure Your Pet Has The Best Life Possible

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Affordable vet services

There’s a reason why many people refer to their pets as their children. The average lifespan of a dog depending on its breed, genetics, and other factors is 8 to 16 years, and many make it to or past that magical 18th year. You can expect to take care of your dog or cat for a long as you would a child, and after all, a pet requires nearly as much as a child. If you want to be give your furry friend the best life possible, great pet care is a must. Here are a few things you might want to ask your vet about upon getting a new pet.

1. Vaccination Recommendations

Vaccination recommendations are a major issue to ask your vet about whether your pet is an adult or a baby when bring it home. Continue Reading No Comments


Three Awesome Home Remedies For Unwell Pets

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Last year, Americans spent a record-breaking $55.7 billion on their pets, and by the end of this year, it looks like they’ll spend nearly $60 billion. About $14.37 of this spending — approximately 26% — was for pet health solutions, like emergency vet care and routine checkups at veterinary care centers. Another $13.14 billion — about 24% — was spent on medicine for animals.

While every pet owner wants their four-legged-friends to get the best care and attention when they’re even the littlest bit unwell, they usually wind up paying exorbitant fees, and taking away the time that vets and veterinary technicians could be spending with more s