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Offering You the Best Options in Neutering and Dental Health

Written by admin. Posted in Az dog dental, Benefits of neutering your pet, Spaying a cat

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Because your pet’s health and needs matter, you may consider dental health and a neuter procedure for your pet. Today we will discuss the many benefits of considering neutering and dental health procedures for your pet, and how a vet clinic can make these procedures easier on all of you.

Why Neutering Your Pet is a Good Option

There are many benefits of neutering your pet. According to the American Pets Products Association, between 2015-2016, 86% of dogs and 90% of cats were spayed or neutered thanks to the decision of their owners. Continue Reading No Comments


The Top Reasons To Spay or Neuter Your Puppy

Written by admin. Posted in Az dog dental, Low cost dog dental care, Spaying a dog

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When you get a new puppy, the very first thing you should be thinking about (besides the toys, food, and playtime, of course) is finding a dog spay and neuter clinic. Spaying a dog (if it’s a “she”) or neutering a dog (if it’s a “he”) is one of the most important ways you can keep your dog safe and also protect the safety of other people and animals.

Here are just a few of the top reasons why pet neuter clinics and pet spay clinics are so important:

  • Sterilizing a dog is one of the most common veterinary procedures today and you can be sure that the vets working at a trustworthy do