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How to Keep Your Pets Healthy

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Cat insurance

Did you know that the life expectancy of a dog is 8-15 years? Dogs, as well as other pets, are like family to many people. As a result, pet owners have the option of obtaining pet health insurance. By determining how to choose the best pet insurance, both you and your pets will be able to experience the benefits of having it.

1. How to obtain pet health insurance. Similar to health insurance for humans, vet pet insurance should be registered through local regulators. Before you get pet insurance, however, it is important to assess the health of your pets thoroughly. This includes researching the heredity and chronic probl


How to Choose a Veterinarian

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Parma animal hospital

For some people, it can be easy to put off taking their pet to one of their local veterinarians. Not only are most symptoms of illness in animals difficult to detect, but veterinary care can be expensive and time-consuming. With these inconveniences, many pets in the United States may not be getting the health care they need.

Statistics show that 36, 117,000 American households have pet cats, and that there are an estimated 74,059,000 domesticated cats in the United States. Likewise, there are an estimated 69,926,000 domesticated dogs, and 3.1% of American households own pet birds. In a perfect world, every one of these household and domestic pets would regularly access a veterinary clinic or veterinarian hospitals


Remember to Spay and Neuter Your Pets

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Az spay neuter clinic

If you’ve ever watched The Price is Right, you’ve heard Bob Barker’s classic closing, “Remember to spay and neuter your pets.” This is good advice for any pet owner as many times it can add to the health and happiness of both pet and owner. Here are some reason’s why you should spay and neuter your pets.

The importance of spaying and neutering your pet cannot be overstated. For one thing, millions of stray cats and dogs are euthanized in kennels every year. Many pet owners opt to forgo spaying and neutering their animals because they want to avoid the cost. It is however, much more expensive to care for a litter of cats or dogs than it is to spay or neuter your pets. Spay and neutering also decreases the burden on shelters to have to c