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How Big of a Role Does Your Family Play in Your Family’s Life?

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Caring for senior dogs

Our precious Elfie is gone. Two weeks ago today, we had him put to sleep after a sudden decline in his health. Elfie was a three year old puppy when I adopted him in 2001, and he was healthy almost until the very end. A couple of years ago he went deaf, was no longer able to keep dry dog down. Neither of these things fazed him. His deafness gave him a legitimate reason to challenge me and he finally got canned dog food for every meal.
When I took him to his yearly animal care checkup in October, though, the vet found a tumor in his stomach. Because Elfie was 19 years old, I decided not to put him through the trauma of treatment. But he remained his proud self, alert, friendly, and demanding. On his last Wednesday I brought home some specialty treats from the gourmet pet care store, one of his fa


There Are Over 60 Million Feral Cats In America Is Your Cat Spayed Or Neutered?

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Cat insurance cost

Cats are our best friends. They make us laugh after a long day at work and comfort us when we’re feeling down. When they get sick, we do everything we can to bring them back up to speed for all the joy they’ve brought to our lives. Cat health is an ongoing learning process for cat owners, as there are always new and better ways to make sure your furry friend is living their life to the fullest. Keeping their gums healthy, eliminating the possibility of heartworms and ensuring they’re getting proper exercise are just a few of the ways you can bolster your cat’s quality of life. Health care for animals? Easily the best.

How Many Domesticated Cats Are There?

The United States loves pets. Dogs and cats are common members of the average household, with the former perfect for


How Egg Saving Nest Boxes Can Help Streamline Your Operations

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Chicken nesting boxes

Eating farm fresh food can be a revelation. Whether it’s blueberries, grapes or eggs, the difference in taste can be a wake-up call. With a little effort and imagination, even city-dwellers can grow some herbs, vegetables and fruit in backyards of by a sunny kitchen window. Backyard hens are a growing trend, with the reward of delicious and healthy eggs. Whether you’re a backyard chicken farmer or a commercial chicken farmer, the egg saving nest box can help you to tidy up and streamline your operation.

Benefits of chicken nesting boxes
In theory, raising chickens is straightforward whether it’s a backyard coop or a barn full. In practice, collecting eggs can be, to put it bluntly, a real pain. Chickens will try and hide them, or go broody and refuse to let you pick them u