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How Egg Saving Nest Boxes Can Help Streamline Your Operations

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Chicken nesting boxes

Eating farm fresh food can be a revelation. Whether it’s blueberries, grapes or eggs, the difference in taste can be a wake-up call. With a little effort and imagination, even city-dwellers can grow some herbs, vegetables and fruit in backyards of by a sunny kitchen window. Backyard hens are a growing trend, with the reward of delicious and healthy eggs. Whether you’re a backyard chicken farmer or a commercial chicken farmer, the egg saving nest box can help you to tidy up and streamline your operation.

Benefits of chicken nesting boxes
In theory, raising chickens is straightforward whether it’s a backyard coop or a barn full. In practice, collecting eggs can be, to put it bluntly, a real pain. Chickens will try and hide them, or go broody and refuse to let you pick them u


From Fleas To Surgery Choosing A Good Vet

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Veterinary surgery options

Adopting a pet is an exciting moment in a person’s life. In truth, many Americans rely upon pets not only for companionship, but for emotional support and in cases that involve therapy or assistance animals, much more. America is obsessed with pets — and in particular, dogs and cats. It’s believed that 46,300,000 households own dogs and 38,900,000 households own cats. Some of these animals are adopted from animal shelters or rescues, while others are bought from breeders. In turn, some animals are babies when adopted, while others are adults. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether you adopt a baby animal or a senior pet — they all need veterinary care, preferably beginning on day one. Continue Reading No Comments


Treatment Options for Dogs and Cats with Arthritis

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When you have an older dog or cat, whether they’ve been with your family since they were a puppy or a kitten, rescued from a shelter, or recently adopted, you want to protect your animals health. One way to assist you with caring for this important member of your family is through purchasing insurance for older pets. In addition to a basic policy, you may also be able to obtain optional add-on policies for wellness visits and vaccinations.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), older pets may develop arthritis, which while painful, can b